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The Word Game for Calls to Action

Words are the reason we have the ability to speak, the pleasure to speak and the leisure to read or write. They are persuasive and powerful. They are a crucial part of the web rather the pillar of your very message. And yet, we have seen so many failures in design projects because either there was an improper use of words of the content was just not the focus.

Sometimes it is all clueless that why people design and then pour in whatever content they can? It does not make sense if your visuals and your content do not complement each other. A film has a lot of internal functions which is solely dependent on the script and similarly unless you have a soulful or precise content, the design is just no good.

The evolution of great design happens when there are great words. You can tell a story just in a few words and that is when both your design and copy blend in beautifully.

A site on the internet without a call to action is incomplete. Calls to action determine your potential customer’s interest in you. If you have a catalogue gallery on the web, the possible calls to action that you must have are ‘click to view full gallery’ or ‘view the portfolio’.

If you have just entered with a new website and a new business, why not just have something simple and more obvious like ‘sign up for a newsletter’ or ‘register for more updates’.

Every page of a website should comprise of ‘calls to action’. One can make several alterations on different pages and if you observe there are many sites that have scattered number of calls to action. Often having many calls to action can create confusion amongst users. A bold and precise statement will decide your success or failure.

Words are the very foundation of a design and if you don’t have the right words it may be a huge setback to your own business. Dynamic Dreamz can help you build excellent calls to action buttons on your website, so nothing can stop you to succeed.