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Elements Every Website Must Have

It is so amazing to know how some websites seem more attractive than the rest and we would probably want to go through the complete information on the sites we like than the others. The website that draws us leaves us for wanting more.

Somehow when business owners approach a designer or a developer with an idea of creating a website, it is all about fitting into specifications. Today, when people are running out of patience and time has utmost value, websites need to be concise and content, not elaborate.

So let us now understand what features you must add to your website which makes it uniquely outstanding.

  1. The Call to Action: This should be the first thing that the visitor must see on your website. A strong call to action can make a powerful impact.
  2. Highlight your USP: What you do the best or what is it that you are offering, that should be the eye candy of your web content.
  3. Emphasize on the key features: With every product comes its features and highlighting them will educate the customers about your product.
  4. Optimized Navigability: Ensure that no visitor is lost. Keep it simple and easier to understand.
  5. A Search bar: Well, many visitors can be too impatient to scroll through their exact requirement. A search bar will only make it simpler.
  6. A Newsletter Signup: You shouldn’t avoid this because it tells you how many customers might actually be interested in your services.
  7. Collecting more emails via lead bait: You can have a service or an ebook but secure it with a signup so people can only have access to it once they sign up.
  8. Understand the web road map: People look at a website in a ‘Z’ manner. So have the most important information along this line.
  9. Make it visual: Any person who visits your website will look at the visual elements first. To avoid turn-offs keep the visual aspects of your website delightfully appealing.

Conversion enhancement factors: Your website must instil trust in your viewers. Having sections like testimonials, certificates and awards, always improves the chances of building more faith.